viyett yoga training class

All those who are unhappy in the world
are so as a result of their desire for their own happiness.
All those who are happy in the world
are so as a result of their desire for the happiness of others.

- Shantideva

Maya Hansajati

As the Principal Teacher at the Hampton yoga Centre, Maya Hansajati has been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 25 years. She has formally trained as a classical ballet dancer and has a keen interest in Indian Philosophy and art.

Maya completed her Yoga Teacher training in 1994 with the Australian Yoga teacher Training School and further complemented that training with studies in Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Healing and Yoga Philosophy. She is currently undertaking further studies in Yogic Sciences. Maya has a diverse background in yoga practice covering a number of different styles of Hatha Yoga whilst maintaining a classical approach incorporating the philosophical and spiritual teachings of yoga.

Maya has been an active member on the committee of the Vivekananda Yoga Education and Research Institute. She has designed and developed all of the Yoga Teacher Training Programs for the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training.

Maya: "If I have one wish, I wish that I could share with each one of you, even just a tiny bit of the beauty and the grace that has been bestowed upon me through the practice of yoga . When I know this to be true, my work will be complete."

Sally MacGowan

Sally is a devoted teacher and life student of yoga. I am a tutor on the studies programs and also the VIYETT Coordinator of Distance Learning.

I began practicing yoga 15 years ago and completed a two year Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at VIYETT and began teaching in 2008. With a background in dance, I enjoy bringing flowing breath synchronised movement into classes whilst incorporating Bandha, Pranayama and Meditation techniques to deepen the practice.

My focus is to create a comfortable and nurtured environment where students can explore their own movement and breath and re-connect with the Divine nature within.

I believe Yoga can develop mindfulness of ourselves and others and the impact of our thoughts, words and actions. Through regular practice I believe Yoga deepens our individual capacity to love and connect with others - finding our true capacity to live and enjoy life.

Jennifer Hanning

Jennifer left the software development industry to concentrate on yoga teacher training. She has practised yoga for around fifteen years and is a VIYETT graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching and instructs VIYETT students in Relaxation and Meditation Techniques.

Also a published author, Jennie writes her own guided visualisations and is moving more and more into teaching meditation, both to student teachers and to HYC attendees from the general public. She teaches Hatha yoga on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and runs eight-week courses in Relaxation and Meditation for beginners.

Although thankful for her time in the corporate world, Jennie is constantly aware that she is now in the best stage of her life.

"Assisting people in finding their serenity and reaching their full potential infuses me with a profound happiness."

Lorraine Ellis

Lorraine has been practising yoga for 15 years and has studied both Gita and Satyananada Yoga. She studied a six month yoga philosophy course and then put her studies on hold while raising her beautiful family. She returned to study at the beginning of 2010 and completed the VIYETT Diploma of Yoga Teaching followed by the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching course. Lorraine now teaches Yoga for Children and Teenage Yoga to both the Hampton Yoga Students and the students on the VIYETT course.

Lorraine was a primary school teacher for many years teaching both overseas and in Australia and has now been able to combine her love of teaching with her love of yoga. She is currently teaching children and teenagers yoga at Hampton Yoga Centre as well as some adult classes and is thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to discover and explore the many benefits that yoga offers.

Carol Lawrence

Carol is a graduate of the VIYETT Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and has over 20 years of yoga experience in the UK and Australia. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Mother and Baby Yoga at the Centre and also facilitates private yoga classes for clients of the centre. Carol holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry and has taught Pranayama, Anatomy and Physiology at VIYETT.

Carol's own personal development is leading her towards further research and study in two areas: the process that leads to dhyana (meditation) and the ability of a still mind to heal and sooth the physical body, and yoga science - furthering the wealth of positive neurophysiological outcomes of pranayama and dhyana.

Carol would like to share with all the enormous part yoga has played in her life and how it has changed the way she sees life.