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"OM is the boat that enables one to cross the river of fear". "Om is the creative power in evolution". "OM is the sound of true love", all other mantras emerge and recede back into the Supreme Mantra. Its form and power are certainly worth knowing and perfecting.

Om is the Symbol
of the "Absolute"

Manduka Upanishad










Relaxation and Meditation Brochure

Relaxation and Meditation Brochure

Modern life is full of challenges and many people suffer from stress related disorders due to the demands of our hectic lifestyles, competitiveness, working long hours, meeting demands and expectations placed on us by ourselves and others. Living in such a fast paced world it is often difficult to find the time to really relax. Many people initially seek out yoga as a way to try to overcome the stresses and demands they face in their daily lives. Between work and domestic commitments it is often difficult for people to find the time to nurture themselves.

Often people think they are relaxing if they take the time out to read a newspaper or to watch television, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. This is not relaxation and can sometimes have the effect of stimulating the body and the mind. True relaxation can only be experienced when the senses are withdrawn from the stimulus of the outside world and the awareness is directed to the inner world.

A technique that has proven successful in yoga to induce deep states of relaxation is known as Yoga Nidra. The term yoga nidra means 'psychic sleep' or 'deep relaxation'. The practitioner is suspended in a state between sleep and wakefulness. In this state the consciousness becomes very powerful and can be applied in a number of positive ways for example: to change habitual patterns, to increase the power of memory, to increase knowledge or creativity or to transform one's nature. Yoga Nidra induces deep states of relaxation at the physical, mental and emotional levels of one's being.


Some of the benefits of meditation include the purification and release of all physical and mental tensions. Meditation inhibits limiting negative thought patterns, reduces stress levels, improves concentration and memory, it dissolves physical blockages, awakens latent energies and helps with the healthy functioning of the organs and glands and all of the systems of the body. Through the practice of slow controlled breathing, thoughts and emotions are calmed and clear states of mind are naturally experienced. Practicing meditation opens the heart and creates spaciousness in the mind to allow one to develop a deeper sense of awareness. By concentrating on the heart, one will learn to trust in the inner source of guidance. Meditation is a way to bring us back to our true nature, to bring us back to a state of perfect balance and harmony, a state of good health and happiness.

Meditation is initiated by assuming a steady comfortable position with the body and directing the awareness to the breath, which will in turn brings about stillness of the body and the mind. Mantra is a very powerful yogic technique used in meditation, this technique allows the practitioner to reach the deeper levels of meditation and experience the transcendental reality.

Meditation is best if practiced early in the morning or late at night as these times are most conducive to the quieting and stilling the mind. The place of practice should be in a well ventilated room with a calming atmosphere. The area chosen for meditation should be a special area that is set aside specifically for this purpose, the space need not be large, but it should be a pleasant area that is devoid of distractions and negative energies. The seated position is important and should be comfortable and relaxed ensuring that the spine is straight at all times so that energy can flow freely through the chakras. The awareness should be at all times focused on the breath and the mantra. This will ensure rapid progress in your practice.

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