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"Life is not about answers. It is about learning to live in the middle of complete uncertainty, and doing so gracefully."

- Swami Chetanananda.


According to yogic tradition yoga should be started as early as possible in your pregnancy or at the time of conception. Ideally the time when you are planning your pregnancy is the best time to start.

Prenatal Yoga practices are used to assist in an easy delivery and to make sure that you have a relaxed pregnancy. The traditional concepts of yoga and motherhood gives emphasis to the baby's overall development of the physical, mental and intellectual capabilities.

If you are in the stages of planning your pregnancy it is good for both the mother and the father to prepare themselves physically, mentally and emotionally and spiritually for parenthood and the responsibilities that will accompany this new life. During this time you might like to pray, asking that God bestows upon you His blessings for the child that you are wanting to bring into the world.

The new life starts from the moment of conception, so try to make this time a very pleasant and joyous occasion. It has been scientifically established that the mood of the parents at the time of conception can influence the course of the pregnancy and the qualities of the child. During these nine months the mother's health is of the utmost importance to herself and to the child.

The mother should avoid mental and physical conflict and ensure a positive attitude which will assist in the development of the brain and the mind of the child. This can be achieved through the regular practice of prenatal Yoga.

A normal healthy woman should be able to perform Prenatal Yoga exercises without any discomfort or difficulty. If you have a specific condition that may prevent you from participating in regular Prenatal Yoga class please consult your doctor for advice prior to attending classes.

Yoga postures for pregnancy are light, and when carried out under proper supervision can be very beneficial for both you and your baby. Yoga postures come under the discipline of hatha yoga and what renders these different from other exercises is the use of conscious breathing exercises which are used in conjunction with the postures.

The benefit of deep breathing together with correct breathing practices is that it helps to oxygenate the blood during labor and it also assists in the smooth delivery of the baby. Conscious deep breathing gives a large supply of oxygen which is useful in removing waste products from the body. These waste products become accumulated because of tensions and incorrect breathing, which result in physical stiffness and mental fatigue. With breath awareness we can achieve muscular relaxation and a calm and serene mind.

About the Prenatal Yoga Class

To gain maximum benefit from the prenatal yoga practices it is recommended that students should attend regular weekly classes. A regular class may include:

  • General prenatal yoga classes will cover prenatal yoga techniques that will assist you throughout your pregnancy. Asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques.
  • Discussions on holistic living.
  • Classes that will provide you with tools to assist you through the labour and birthing process
  • Gentle stretching exercises designed for pregnancy that will help you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
  • Conscious body alignment during your pregnancy and in the post-partum period.
  • Birthing positions which are designed to give you choices and allow you to make conscious decisions and stay in control of the birthing process.
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Guided visualizations for mother and baby.
  • Meditation

We wish you much joy and happiness throughout your pregnancy and for the new life to you are about to embark on.

Guest Speakers

From time to time we will have guest speakers who come in to deliver talks about pregnancy and childbirth who will be pleased to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your pregnancy or labour.

What to Bring to Class

Generally you will not need to bring anything to class with you. If it is a hot day, you may wish to bring some bottled water so you can stay hydrated and also a hand towel. We supply the blankets and cushions, however if you have a favorite item that you would like to bring to class please feel free to bring it along with you.

When you take out a ten week prenatal yoga pass you will receive a free yoga mat to get you started, however all other equipment will be provided for you to use without any additional charge.

What to Wear to Class

Loose comfortable clothing. Classes are taken barefoot, however you may like to bring a pair of woolly socks during the winter months.

Food Consumption

If you need to eat prior to your prenatal yoga class try to keep your meal as light as possible. If your class is a morning class you might like to have a light breakfast of toast and juice so you feel energized and balanced before undertaking the class. (Exercising on a full stomach is not very comfortable, even though the exercise is light.)

Medical Conditions

Please advise your teacher prior to class if you have any medical conditions that we should know about.


When you come into the school to register for prenatal yoga classes please ensure that you bring along all emergency contacts and supply us with your Doctors contact details. We only need this information in the event of an emergency. Emergencies do not generally occur, however we would like to know we are able to provide you with assistance in all situations.


Please see the general yoga class timetable for prenatal yoga class times.

Woman as a Divine Creation This is your time, it is your time for creativity, it is the time for you to love, it is your time for unfoldment, it is your time to uplift the spirit within all, but most of all it is your time to nurture your spirit and the spirit of your unborn child.

If you would like more information or would like to book into a prenatal yoga class please do not hesitate to contact us.