viyett yoga training class

"OM is the boat that enables one to cross the river of fear". "Om is the creative power in evolution". "OM is the sound of true love", all other mantras emerge and recede back into the Supreme Mantra. Its form and power are certainly worth knowing and perfecting.

Om is the Symbol
of the "Absolute"

Manduka Upanishad






Asanas or yogasanas are the postures or exercises that are commonly known to yoga. There are 84 classical Hatha Yoga postures and generally only 33 or so of these postures are used today.

Asana practice develops a strong mind enabling the practitioner to endure difficulties with greater ease. Regular practice of yogasana increases willpower and improves concentration; it improves vital energy and brings about equilibrium. One radiates with health and a new found confidence through the practice of asana and the practitioner develops the ability to inspire others through their speech and through their actions.

In Hatha Yoga the asanas are not merely exercises for the physical body, although they have many benefits for the health of the body. Hatha Yoga asanas are a means of purification for the mental and physical bodies and are used as a means of preparing the body and mind for meditation.