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Who you are is absolutely unimaginable.
When you stop imagining yourself in any form,
there is a revelation that has never been spoken,
but is directly experienced.

- Gangaji

Student Resource Handbook

We are currently accepting enrolments for the February 2019 Courses




2 Year Part Time Course (1120 Hours)

About The Course

This course is comprised of a total of 1120 hours. These hours include course contact time and home study time. These hours are comprised of 500 hours of Yoga Studies-Hatha Yoga Practitioners Certificate and 620 hours of Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching studies. To be eligible for entry into the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching Course participants are required to have reached a high level of competency in all areas of Yoga theory and practice and have successfully completed the Yoga Studies Hatha Yoga Practitioners Certificate course 500 hours or equivalent.

Students who have completed the Hampton Yoga Centre/VIYETT Diploma of Yoga Teaching will be eligible for credits for undertaking previous studies.

This course has been developed to provide the education and training required for individuals seeking a career as a professional yoga teacher.

It is envisaged that participants undertaking this course will have a sincere and caring nature and will be an inspiration to others, together with having a genuine interest in sharing the philosophies and teaching of yoga. Applicants should be well established in their own personal practice and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of yoga and the related disciplines.

The course is designed to give participants:

  • A solid foundation in the theory and practice of all aspects of hatha yoga.
  • An understanding of the ethical standards of a professional yoga teacher.
  • A high level of competence in the theory and practice of yoga teaching.
  • On successful completion of the course participants will have gained all of the required knowledge and skill to teach yoga with sensitivity and confidence in a yoga centre or as a self-employed professional.
  • Graduates will be eligible to undertake further studies in the areas of personal and professional development.

The Hampton Yoga Centre/VIYETT yoga education and training programs are presented in conjunction with the Hampton Yoga Centre and VIYETT training ethic. All of the teachers assigned to the delivery of these courses have a high level of expertise in their area of training and maintain currency in their professions by attending regular professional development seminars and training.

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
1st Year Subjects

VIYD001 Asana
VIYD002 Pranayama
VIYD003 Mudra and Bandha
VIYD004 Shatkarma
VIYD005 Relaxation and Meditation Practices
VIYD006 Yogic History, Philosophy and Culture Level 1
VIYD007 Yogic Physiology Level 1
VIYD008 Integrative Yogic Practices Level 1
VIYD009 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Level 1
VIYD010 Yogic Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle
VIYD011 Styles of Hatha Yoga
VIYD012 Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Level 1
VIYD013 Introduction to Teaching Principles

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
2nd Year Subjects

VIYD014 Traditional Yogic Practices Level 2 A
VIYD015 Yogic History, Philosophy and Culture
Level 2A & 2B
VIYD016 Yogic Physiology Level 2A
VIYD017 Yogic Psychology Level 2A
VIYD018 Introduction To Yoga As A Therapy 2B
VIYD019 Yogic Nutrition Diet and Lifestyle 2A
VIYD020 Yoga For Clients with Special Needs 2A
VIYD021 The Principles and Practices of Yoga Teaching 2B
VIYD022 Anatomy and Physiology 2B
VIYD023 Effective Communications 2B
VIYD024 Teaching Yoga as a Profession 2B
VIYD025 Occupational Health and Safety 2B
VIYD026 First Aid Level 1 2A

The successful completion of all 26 subjects will qualify the participant for the VIYETT/Hampton Yoga Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.

2019 February Course Dates

11th February , 2019 (Monday Daytime Training)
16th February, 2019 (Saturday Training)

2018 Course Information Sessions

Saturday 1st December (1.00pm-2.00pm)


Study Options

Daytime, Evening or Weekend study options available
Distance Education (Not available at this time)

Aim of the Course

Over recent years yoga has become recognized as a mainstream modality of health and wellbeing. Due to this increased interest and demand for suitably qualified professionals Hampton Yoga Centre and the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (VIYETT) has developed the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching to train and develop individuals to meet this demand.

The aim of the course is to develop competent and highly skilled Teachers of Yoga who are equipped to guide students safely and effectively through all disciplines relating to the practice of yoga. The course is designed to guide trainees through the basic foundations of a classical yoga system to the more advanced practices and philosophies ultimately leading to yoga teaching principles and practices that will equip the trainee with the necessary skills to instruct others in the practice of yoga with a high degree of confidence and sensitivity.

The Hampton Yoga Centre/VIYETT Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is designed in such a way that you will gain all of the necessary skills to plan and conduct yoga classes and deliver these classes in a number of different settings to a diverse range of people seeking the benefits of yoga.

On completion of the course graduates will have attained a high level of competency in all aspects of yoga teaching and philosophy based on in depth experience and understanding of the meaning and processes that constitute the practice of yoga.

The teachings are deeply embedded in the classical systems of Yoga with emphasis on the major paths, the philosophical and scientific methods and the different styles of Yoga. These teachings are integrated into a contemporary style of yoga yet maintain all of the classical elements of the yoga tradition.

The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching course is nationally recognized and approved by Yoga Australia.

For more information on this course
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